Book Design, Research, Poster Series

RAVE.RAVE.RAVE. is an exhibition on everything that makes up the current underground rave culture in America: the music, the art, and the environment. Throughout the book, I touched on the scenes in NYC, Miami and LA, to see how the aesthetics of the underground evolve in each place.

Selected spreads of exhibition book︎︎︎
The colorful and visual nature of rave culture can be felt through the use of large-scale photographs and bold typography. The book was designed on a 10” square layout to nod to one of the common LP sizes used by DJs. 

Yellow fields of color spontaneously show up throughout the book, which represent strobe lights you’d see while at a rave︎︎︎

Promotional posters︎︎︎
The posters’ typography speaks to the repetitive tempo of a typical house beat, while the imagery brings focus to some of the iconic DJs that make up the local scenes.

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