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Designers must take advantage of the ever-evolving digital space by pushing the boundaries of what makes a book. Post-Material: Expanding Book Design Within Physical and Digital Spaces is the outcome of my exploration; a translation of my thesis book into an interactive and immersive web experience. 

Web experience︎︎︎ is the web-based, immersive, and interactive experience consisting of the visual content of my thesis research. The current version of can be explored here.  

When I began designing my thesis, I wondered if a book could take on a new form in the digital space. Could its contents become 3D or interactive beyond the flipping of a page?

Through the use of creative coding, the viewer is given the opportunity to create their own journey in the space; unlike the traditional experience of a book.

Footage courtesy of Carolina Uscategui︎︎︎

Thesis book︎︎︎
The design and sequencing of my thesis book are informed by extensive research on the past, present, and (speculative) future of book design through the exploration of materiality and the use of AR (augmented reality).

Pixels are used as a visual element throughout the book as a way of connecting print and digital. The blind debossing on the cover, the image treatment style, and generative typeface all reflect this. 

A signifier, presented as printer’s marks, appears throughout the book to inform the reader of AR experiences they can activate. This is done to allow the reader to experience content beyond still images on the printed page.

Generative typeface︎︎︎
Inspired by the ever-evolving nature of the digital space, I generated a variable typeface by continuously manipulating the pixels of letterforms through user interactivity. 

Typefaces used: Suisse Int’l and Neue Pixel

Promotional posters︎︎︎
Utilizing creative coding, the pixel is reinforced as the key visual element through deliberate manipulation and repetition of the posters’ imagery. This process connects generative design to print material to promote the web experience.

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