Intimate Exposures 

Book Design, Exhibition Design, Poster Series

Intimate Exposures is a curated exhibition and book that features ten photographers, including myself, whose work focuses on the theme of memory through the concept of the photo diary. Photographers can document their days and experiences, through their travels, relationships or merely a fascination of the mundane.

Selected spreads of exhibition book︎︎︎
The book’s sequencing begins with an essay on the photo diary aesthetic, followed by artist sections curated to feel like the viewer is flipping through a scrapbook. This is also expressed through the paper stock and binding method.

Promotional posters︎︎︎
Featuring selected imagery by the photographers to give an insight into the exhibition, following the grid and typographic decisions in the book to create a cohesive visual system. The posters can be found in different locations in the city to promote the exhibition.

Gallery exterior︎︎︎
A dynamic typographic display to promote the exhibition.

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